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The Pripremni I (Preparatory I) course is for first grade pupils. They learn the English alphabet, spell and write words and simple sentences. Teaching is adjusted to the age of a child, which is our basic guiding criterion in creating programmes for children aged seven to ten. The language material is presented gradually, with inevitable repetitions and a lot of listening to native speakers from tape. Thus even children who need more time to learn another language can make progress.

The Pripremni II (Preparatory II) is the next level. Methodologically, it is not very different from the previous one, because the age of the children is also our priority concern, as are also the pupils who join the existing groups and are only just starting to learn a foreign language. The children are eight years old. Bearing in mind that they have already mastered the English alphabet and the Latin script, their writing skills are developed to a larger extent. In this learning phase, occasional repetition of the letters of the English alphabet is necessary, both for the sake of the children who have completed the previous level and a smoother inclusion of newcomers into the existing structure of the programme.

The Pocetni skolski kurs (Beginners) is attended by third grade pupils as well as by fourth grade pupils who are only just starting to learn English. The book we are using is ideal for meeting the needs of both groups of pupils. We are guided by the fact that the children have already mastered the Latin script and that, being older, they will master the programme easily and fast. The focus of the course is on writing, while speaking is practised, among other things, through a strip story divided into episodes and making up an integral part of individual language units (lessons). The grammar being taught includes the Present Simple and Continuous Tenses, modal verbs (can, must), the verb ‘have got,’ possessive adjectives and question words.

The Srednji I (Intermediate I) course, by its span and content of grammatical and language forms, represents a very successful follow-up to everything that was mastered at the previous levels. A review of what has been learned is ever present, whereas monotony is most often avoided by applying skillfully designed exercises through games. The children, most commonly fourth grade pupils, start learning the past tense forms of both regular and irregular verbs. Special attention is paid to contrasting verb forms used in present and past tenses. Speaking and writing are further developed, which implies mastering a more comprehensive vocabulary.
Srednji II kurs okuplja decu petog razreda ili decu koja po nivou znanja engleskog jezika mogu da prate predviđeni program.

Utvrđivanje nivoa znanja najčešće se vrši usmeno, a po potrebi i pismeno.

Raznovrsnost sadržaja i srazmerno veći obim gramatičkih i jezičkih struktura zahteva veću angažovanost kako predavača, tako i polaznika. Uvode se novi načini za izražavanje budućnosti(to be going to,
The Present simple and continuous, The Future simple), prošlo trajno vreme, upotreba glagolske imenice (Gerund) i sadašnji perfekat (The Present Perfect).

The Srednji II (Intermediate II) course is for fifth grade pupils and children whose command of English allows them to follow the programme. The level of the command of English is normally checked orally and, if need be, through a written test. The variety of contents and a comparatively large volume of grammar and language structures requires greater involvement of both teachers and students. The grammar includes ‘going to’ future, the Present Simple and Continuous, the Future Simple, the Past Simple and Continuous, ‘-ing’ forms and the Present Perfect.

The Srednji III (Intermediate III) course has been designed as a revision course of the rather demanding programme that precedes it. Grammar at this level includes the Passive Voice, Reported Speech and Conditionals, with speaking, writing and reading being practised all along

The Visi (Higher) course presents all of the English grammar, with a substantial vocabulary introduced through a number of stories about the adventures of a group of teenagers. The course is intended for children aged 13 and 14. The focus is heavily on listening and reading and the development of the ability to summarize.

The Skolski konverzacijski (Conversational) course is for eighth grade pupils and it enables them to develop all language skills in an intensive and systematic way. Special emphasis is placed on writing, always preceded by examples from the book and the accompanying CD. Thus listening is practised at the same time. The grammar exercises in the Workbook offer additional possibilities for consolidating what has been learned.

The courses after these are intended for secondary school students and other young people and have been designed in such a way as to enable our students, now confident of their knowledge, to join the preparatory classes for taking Cambridge University exams in order to obtain some of the internationally recognized certificates, such as theFCE, CAE, CPE.

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